Wallace Peters

Wallace Peters is a respected Artist within his field; obtaining and exceeding expectations of New York City's chic, stylish and trendy women with his signature aesthetic. 

Over the past 8 years, Peters took his time to learn a wide range of services from Keratins, Color Correction, Hair Cuts and Multiple Extension Applications. During this time, he earned positions such as Senior Stylist and Salon Management in which allowed him to learn the business side of the beauty industry. With his hard work and passion for being a Hair Stylist, he has earned features in Good Morning America, Redbook Mag, SALYSÉ Magazine, D&G Fashion Show and more.

While being very seasoned as a salon stylist, Peters has fully transitioned his work into styling for Bridal Events, Photoshoots and In-Home Styling. With the talent and experience for hair styling, combined with his knowledge for business, he will continue to build his brand.