Freelance Hair Stylist or Salon World?

While paying my dues by assisting and becoming a stylist, I’ve learned what it takes to be a freelance hairstylist. Being a freelance hairstylist comes with a huge responsibility of self discipline. Maintaining a great amount of discipline helps beyond measure. Everyday I have to remind myself to stay motivated, inspired, grounded and most of all humbled.

Being a freelance hairstylist puts me in the position of working alone often. Other times, I may work alongside Make-Up Artists or other Hair Stylist that I am not familiar with. Every now and then, the universe may pair me with a Make-Up Artist that I may have worked with in the past. Let’s not forget when I have to style for events and fashion shows. I never know who I am going to see. In these great moments, I see familiar faces and have the opportunity to meet new people. Ever since January 2018 when I transitioned into a freelance hair stylist, everyday has been refreshing.

In my experience, the salon world allows you to work repetitively 5 days a week to master your craft and build a clientele. While mastering your craft, this becomes your platform for creativity. Unfortunately, while working in a salon, your spare time will be limited. Being a freelance Hair Stylist gives you a wide range of things you can do. Also, you can work on your own time! Vacations when you want, long weekends or even a whole rest week without requesting time off. How amazing is that right? Be your own boss! We are our own boss.

As amazing as it sounds to be your own boss, you must stay grounded. You have to represent your brand just as a company would. With that being said, you must keep your own finances in mind at all times. Maintaining all the freedom you withold as a freelancer —Independent contractor, you have to know when to work and when not to work. Which gigs to accept, which gigs to decline. Let me not forget to mention compensation. You must also know how to request what you deserve. Know your worth! Not everything we want to be part of deserves us. No matter how humble you may wish you be, do not allow anyone to take advantage.

Our industry is surrounded by such vibrant creativity, but I feel like most get lost within. Hairstylist who are working in salons are working hard, 5 long days a week— all year long, might I add. Freelance hairstylist work all over the world. Some dedicated stylist are nearly in two places at the same time. Thats how crazy it can get especially when there’s a red carpet event happening. Moral of the story, us beauty professionals have to remember that we are so fortunate to be part of an amazing creative industry. We control the appearance of humanity and also the validation of what is beauty.