Whenever I’m working on my clients, I have a great time. Usually it feels like I’m with a friend, styling her hair. It’s always a moment of relaxation for me. Fortunately, I absolutely love my job as a Hair Stylist. Furthermore, I’m lucky enough to have great clients.


As a freelance hairstylist, I’m always working with different clients and models for different projects. Each person has a different story and a different background. In such a short time, I gain another perspective. It brings a level of comfort to my clients and allow me to understand people even better. This is super helpful, as I am a business man trying to further build my brand.

Sometimes it’s hard to find a job in which you can love, but when you do it’s an amazing thing. Loving what I do make my job super easy and rewarding. There’s nothing better than seeing a client extremely happy with her hair and taking selfies as soon as you’re done.