Social Media Break, CHECK!

Taking a moment to get away from social media is definitely necessary. Social media gives a lot of people a competitive mentality. Everyone is posting their accomplishments, happiness, and success but no one is posting failures. By looking at what everyone is posting, it will make you compare yourself at times. Realistically, comparison kills authenticity. It will degrade, destroy, and remove all that you are, for no purpose at all.


A flower doesn’t look at the next flower to bloom, it does it on it’s on. All of us should learn to let idea of blossoming manifest and we would be great! It’s always helpful to gain inspiration from others, but don’t let yourself develope a need for inspiration. Whatever you’re trying to achieve in life would not be authentic. Live your own lives people. Create your own path and let your creativity flourish on its own. Everything takes times but that’s all we have. In time, we can do amazing things if only we trust and believe in ourselves. I can definitely say, now I understand completely why “patience is a virtue”.

For the past few days, I took a social media break for myself. I got a lot of work done, caught up on many other things instead of focusing on instagram, and allowed ideas of my own to build itself. Being a creative person, comes with many creative ideas. Why not bring my creative ideas to reality, right?